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M. Hofherr, S. Moretti, J. Shim, S. Häuser, N. Y. Safonova, M. Stiehl, A. Ali, S. Sakshath, J. W. Kim, D. H. Kim, H. J. Kim, J. I. Hong, H. C. Kapteyn, M. M. Murnane, M. Cinchetti, D. Steil, S. Mathias, B. Stadtmüller, M. Albrecht, D. E. Kim, U. Nowak, and M. Aeschlimann: Induced versus intrinsic magnetic moments in ultrafast magnetization dynamics.

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E. Simon, R. Yanes, S. Khmelevskyi, K. Palotás, L. Szunyogh, and U. Nowak: Magnetism and exchange-bias effect at the MnN/Fe interface

Current publication

M. Aßmann, and U. Nowak: Spin-lattice relaxation beyond Gilbert damping

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