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M. Evers, C. Müller, and U. Nowak:
Weak localization of magnons in chiral magnets
Physical Review B97, 184423 (2018)

J. Cramer, U. Ritzmann, B. Dong, S. Jaiswal, Z. Qui, E. Saitoh, U. Nowak, and M. Kläui
Spin transport across antiferromagnets induced by the spin Seebeck effect
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Volume 51, Number 14(2018)

J. Cramer, F. Fuhrmann, U. Ritzmann, V. Gall, T. Niizeki, R. Ramos, Z. Qiu, D. Hou, T. Kikkawa, J. Sinova, U. Nowak, E. Saitoh, and M. Kläui
Magnon detection using a ferroic collinear multilayer spin valve
Nature Communications 9, 1089 (2018)