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X. Lu, X. Zou, D. Hinzke, T. Liu, Y. Wang, T. Cheng, J. Wu, T. A. Ostler, J. Cai, U. Nowak, R. W. Chantrell, Y. Zhai, and Y. Xu:
Roles of heating and helicity in ultrafast all-optical magnetization switching in TbFeCo
Applied Physics Letters 113, 032405 (2018)

M. Shalaby, A. Donges, K. Carva, R. Allenspach, P. M. Oppeneer, U. Nowak, and C. P. Haun:
Coherent and incoherent ultrafast magnetization dynamics in 3d ferromagnets driven by extreme terahertz fields
Physical Review B98, 014405 (2018)

M. Evers, C. Müller, and U. Nowak:
Weak localization of magnons in chiral magnets
Physical Review B97, 184423 (2018)