AG Prof. Dr. Ulrich Nowak
Magnetic Materials: Theory and Computer Simulation

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The rapid progress of nanotechnology leads to novel applications of magnetic materials. The new research area of spintronics which combines magnetic and electronic properties (spin and charge) will lead to even more novel functionalities. New effects are discovered especially in reduced dimensions, in nanostructures and compounds of different materials.


The research of my group is in the area of spintronics with emphasis on the theory and computer simulation of magnetic material properties. The current main subjects are:


  • Ultrafast spin dynamics: here the question is, if and how the time for magnetization switching can be reduced to pico- or even femtosecond time scales.
  • Spin torque: in this project area we analyze the possibility to control domain walls in magnetic nanostructures with the help of electrical currents.
  • Exchange bias in magnetic multilayers: Though, this effect is essential for the functionality of a numerous hi-tech sensors, its origin is still not understood. Atomistic spin models are developed for a better understanding of this effect.


Magnetic domain structure for a Co nanobridge:

Micromagnetic calculation

Spin configuration of the antiferromagnet
IrMn3: Result of a computer simulation